Chamber Made

“Darryl Harper’s Chamber Made shines as a symbol of rebellion against confining narratives.”
–Kira Grunenberg, Downbeat

“Complicated, tuneful and brilliant. A+”
–Eric Saeger, The Hippo Press

The essence of music is not improvisation or notation, but improvisation and notation and the magic made through both means. Likewise, Chamber Made reflects the continuing commitment of The Onus to build new and broader musical doors for new and broader perspectives in music through the sonic democracy of Jazz.”
–Bill Gaskins, “The Sonic Democracy” (from the liner notes)

“The strings lay down a vibrant bed that combines lush harmonies with discordant slashes, while Harper follows his own melodies over the top, sometimes contributing silky mystery and other times frisky excitement.”
–The Big Takeover

“…A chamber musical meeting of a rare nature and Darryl Harper immediately tells us that he belongs in the modern clarinet top.”
–Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen (Norway)

“With Chamber Made, clarinetist Darryl Harper blurs the boundaries between jazz and classical and in so doing carries on the work done by Duke Ellington, George Russell, Gunter Schuller, The Modern Jazz Quartet, and others, all of who shared the conviction that the walls separating the forms are more permeable than believed.”
–Textura (full article)


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Track Listing

1. Kaleidoscope
Suite for Clarinet and String Quartet
2. Mvt 1. – Shadows at Dawn
3. Mvt 2. – Branches of Night
4. Mvt 3. – Fire and Flowers
5. Silence
Spatial Décor
6. Mvt 1. – Wound
7. Mvt 2. – Pressing
8. Mvt 3. – The Important Thing
9. Cash in Your Face