Triphony is the outgrowth of a run of performances by The Onus Trio at Ze Mean Bean Café in Baltimore. Within the confines of the cozy restaurant’s tiny, railed bandstand, the trio began performing pieces from The Onus Quintet’s working repertoire, but eventually developed new material of their own, a collection of new compositions along with a large body of free improvisations. Featuring compositions by Andy Jaffe, Stevie Wonder, and Phillip Braham; originals by Harper; and free improvisations by the trio, Triphony documents The Onus’s exploration from scripted to entirely spontaneous ventures.

Praise for Triphony
“Harper pushes post-bop into a territory that is inventive, but clear and accessible…
…a marvel of studied moderation”
–Tom Hull, Village Voice and Jazz Prospecting

“The music of [The] Onus is endlessly intriguing and well worth hearing.”
–Scott Yanow, AllMusic

“The sustained musicality of [The Onus Trio] is something I continue to marvel at…”
–Derek Taylor,

Track Listing

1. the snake
2. sarabande
3. courante
4. jesus, children of america
5. limehouse blues
6. triphony
7. dig in
8. cariocas
9. doxology
10. jig
11. something inside me
12. eve

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