C3 Project

The C3 Project is a presentation of original music with video, dance, and poetry. Harper’s ensemble mixes oil-cured harmonies, humorous tales, pensive imagery, and riotous flights with influences from Ethiopia to New Orleans and Brahms to James Brown.

Album Release at The Drake

Darryl celebrates the release of his new album Chamber Made at The Drake Amherst. November 11, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.

A Short Documentary

This 7-minute documentary video on the C3 Project shows highlights from several performances and features testimonies from participants, partners, and audience members.

Sipping from the Third Stream

The inimitable Helen Sung was the guest artist for “Sipping from the Third Stream” at Virginia Commonwealth University. Victor Dvoskin (bass), Harry “Butch” Reed (drums), Darryl Harper (clarinet). September 23, 2012.

Looking Forward Looking Black

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Singleton Center for Performing Arts February 2009 photos by Danya Sanchez


Harper’s score for “Bone” is part of a collection of pieces based on the poetry of Terence Culleton. This performance took place at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA in 2009.

Recording Session Photos

C3 Project Recording Session June 2009 photographed by John Vanore

Foray – Darryl Harper & Lefteris Kordis with Li Chiao-Ping

“Foray” is choreographed and danced by Li Chiao-Ping to a score by James Grant entitled “Recitative and Frenzy.” The music is performed by Darryl Harper (clarinet) and Lefteris Kordis (piano).

The Important Thing

“The Important Thing” is the third of a set of three pieces. Harper picked out three video installations by visual artist Sonya Clark.