The Edenfred Files

The Edenfred Files
The Edenfred Files almost sounds like something out of spy fiction, but its meaning is straightforward. In the summer of 2009, clarinetist Darryl Harper spent two weeks in an artist residency program called Edenfred, in Madison, Wisconsin. He used the time to work every day with the two contrasting lineups featured on this CD. What we’re hearing, then, is a précis of the creative adventure that Edenfred represented for all involved.
–from the liner notes by David Adler

“a musical chapbook or novella, and the scale suits Darryl Harper’s pointedly focused music.”
–Kevin Whitehead, NPR – Fresh Air

“Music that tells stories is almost always worth investigating and these stories are quite compelling.”
–Roger Kamins, Step Tempest

“He sounds like a walk on a back road in summer…crisp, tasty playing with a lot of heart”
–Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“A beguiling low-key new release”
Lucid Culture

Track Listing

1. Blues for Jerry
2. Sirens Calling
3. Spindleshanks
4. Walking With Old Souls
5. Kansas City Line
6. Edenfred
7. After The Rain

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