Stories in Real Time

“Darryl Harper has always taken the unexpected route. But four clarinets, voice and rhythm section? That’s the sound of surprise that animates Stories In Real Time…a level of high refinement…the simple pleasure of song…stirring…alluring…. ”
— from the liner notes by David Adler

Praise for Stories in Real Time

“a provocative chamber-jazz outing…”
–Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

“…really superb…some serious sounds. I love the textures and the movement…
‘Best Jazz CD’s of 2009′”
–Bill King, e-jazzradio

“luxurious, agile and highly organic”
–Forrest Dylan Bryant, Jazz Observer

“There is nothing more exciting for a…listener to discover an artist that makes such a positive impression on first listen”
–Richard Kamins, Hartford Courant

“a great album!”
–L.J. Kopf, WWPV-FM, Burlington, VT

“Among the blizzard, seems some projects just stand out above others.”
–Willard Jenkins, jazz journalist, producer

Track Listing

Saints and Sinners

1. I. Bone
2. II. St. Minim
3. III. St. Dentwood’s Confession
4. IV. The Novitiate
5. V. The Secret
6. VI. We Both Know What It Comes To

7. Magnolia
8. Tilant, Zare, Nege (Ethiopia: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow)
9. Bliss
10. Pressing
11. Tore Up
12. A Prayer
13. Suite for Jazz (Swing, Blues, Walking Bass)

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